Hi doc,

The Doctors out of Debt Group Coaching Program starts March 13th, 2024.

Here are all the Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

Once a week on Wednesdays for 2 hours at 7 pm EST

We may also have bonus sessions on OFF days.

ALL sessions will be recorded so you can watch afterward if needed.

Yes. You can ask during live sessions and in the private Facebook group.

Every session is recorded and the recordings are usually available within 24 hours of the session.

Yes, we go over MLM and may have a guest speaker about that as a bonus session. I won’t encourage anyone to quit anything that’s working.

When it comes to investing, there is no right time, we make it the right time.

Think of it like going to medical/dental school or having a baby. That’s something you wanted, hence, you went for it.

No other costs or charges unless you decide to start investing right in the course. Some docs start with $50, $500 or wait until they’re ready. It depends on what you invest in. I have more than 7 steams of income now and go over all of them.

It depends on the work you put into it. All results are different depending on your risk tolerance, available capital, debt, goals, etc. It really really depends. It’s also about applying what you have learned, that’s very important. Taking action is key.

Everyone’s results are different. We all graduate from medical/dental school but all of our results are different depending on what we did afterwards.

Taking action is ket. I cannot stress that enough.

I did resume one on one coaching due to doctors’ asking for it. I also have a Docs Wealth Project, which is strictly investing with no debt talk, but no, the Doctors out Debt Programs is not a step towards a more extensive program!

You can check out doctorsourofdebt.com/testimonials and this link for video testimonials.

Yes, we do! There is a 3-month payment plan available!

There is a discounted price of $ 1000 for any new recent graduate ( 3 years or less). Contact me directly to inquire.

Just send me an email at info@doctorsoutofdebt.com or send me a message at doctorsoutofdebt.com.

Doc, don’t procrastinate on your decision to elevate your finances.

Click here to apply.

I can’t wait for you to join us.

See you soon!

Caroline Clerisme, DMD

Take a leap of faith and take your first step towards

paying your debt and creating wealth.

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