Why give your hard-earned money to student loan servicers and creditors for longer than you have to when you can have financial freedom overnight?!

Hi there! I am Dr. Caroline Clerisme.
I am a dentist, author, speaker, debt repayment strategist and founder of Doctors out of Debt.
I work with doctors to help them save money, get out of debt and gave passive income.
As of today, I have had the opportunity to work with, coach, impact hundreds of doctors through my website, my Facebook group, my one-on-one coaching and group coaching program.


Why I started Doctors out of Debt

I graduated from Tufts in 2011. I had a total of $250,000 in student loans. Growing up in Haiti, I had no exposure or knowledge of credit, credit cards or how to manage such a large some of student loans. I had no help. I felt confused, angry, bitter, overwhelmed, you name it.

There’s a happy ending to all of this: It took me 4 years to pay off $250,000.  Till this day, I still have peace of mind, no regrets and am still creating wealth.

The pain and struggle I experienced during my early years of debt repayment created a new passion for me. The passion to help other doctors just like me…doctors who want debt freedom, financial freedom, control over their money, stress-free life and who want to create generational wealth.


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